23 August 2009

August 20-Antelope Island

Thursday I took a trip out to Antelope Island! Even though I've lived in Utah all my life, I don't think I've ever been out there. It actually was a lot of fun and quite pretty!

The sunset on the Great Salt Lake

Me in front of buffalo! Real ones!! I kind of wanted to touch one but this was as close as we dared to get. When we were going into the park we were talking about buffalo. The lady at the entrance overheard us and made sure we knew that they were bison and not buffalo. Maybe I just don't know anything about animals...but aren't they the same thing?!?

This was one of my favorite pictures of the night. Since we couldn't get close enough to a real one to get one, we decided to get on the statue instead. Caroline gave me a boost onto the buffalo and then Matt picked her up and put her on. We were laughing so hard we almost fell off the buffalo...love it.

Me and Caroline successfully riding the buffalo...after we had already gotten on we noticed a small sign saying not to touch the statue...oops

It was a fun excursion out to Antelope Island! I suppose that's one thing I can cross off my Utah bucket list.

And congrats to Rachel who guessed the place! It is Capri, Italy!! We took a day trip there while I was on study abroad and I fell in love with it!! Such a beautiful, amazing place! If you ever get a chance to go there-do it!


T-Ray said...

I have heard of this place and want to go myself. Glad to see pictures and that it was a blast.

Caroline said...

Umm...I told you NOT to post that picture of me!! LOL!! You are in trouble :) I'm glad you had a good time...it was a blast :) and glad you included the picture of the sunset that the boys made fun of you for.