02 August 2009

All at Sea?

I didn't take a photo of anything today-although it was a great one: wonderful church time; fab dinner cooked by roommate; ever so delightful chat with some fav friends; and an entertaining evening of delivering nice notes. I decided since I didn't take any pictures of said events, I would tell you the origin of the name of my blog.

Several years ago while watching Jay Leno (who I miss-seriously, Conan is yuck) I saw a performer who just blew me away. He was a little english lad who could play the piano like nobody's business and had an AMAZING voice. I of course fell in love and went out and bought his CD. I kept tabs on him and anxiously awaited the day he would come do a concert in SLC. When they released the dates of his US concert the closest one was unfortunately in Reno. I bought tickets, convinced my dear friend Mika to go with me, and we road tripped it to see him perform. Hands down, the BEST concert I have ever been to. He was great on TV and CD, about a million times better in person. The best part of the night: I got to meet him!

Anyways...the title of my blog: All at Sea is my favorite song (yes, I do have 1 song that is my all time favorite). I couldn't think of anything clever or cute to name my blog so I just went with the song title. I decided to google "all at sea" and see what came up. In addition to several references to the actual song, I found this:

All at sea


In a state of confusion and disorder.

quite fitting, don't you think? Anyways-that's the story of my blog title. Listen to the song-you'll love it too. Perhaps tomorrow I'll do better at taking a photo of the day...


T-Ray said...

I love the song all at sea. I think the fact that you named your blog that is awesome.

Ian said...

I miss Jay Leno too, Conan just isn't as funny. Jay Leno is coming back in primetime in September.