17 August 2009

some random thoughts

*what happened to summer? it got so cold this week! i had to turn on the heater in my car this morning. boo.

*i am really starting to hate the sound of Tim Gherty's voice

*why is it that when I have to study all kind of other things sound so much more fun...like deep cleaning the frige? or cleaning my room? or catching up on the blog?

one last thing...remind me again why I want to be a CPA?


Lauren Kay said...

The last question completely blows my mind, but I will need an accountant someday so I'm grateful for people like you who want to do that!

alli said...

Who's Tim Gherty?

PS Hooray for studying! By the way, you inspired me to run 6miles on Wednesday. I need continuous Erin-inspiration to run more!!

Lisa Michelle said...

To ease a bit of stress:


Now, to add a bit of stress:

The AICPA released REG scores today. Which means if you're in Wave 1 (meaning you didn't have a new simulation), your score should be on the NASBA site tomorrow evening.

We can do this! I *KNOW* we'll be glad once it's over!

T-Ray said...

AMEN! Where DID the summer go? Honestly.