08 August 2009

random thoughts...

*today's pictures are of the mountains. driving back to provo i decided to take the long way and they just looked so beautiful. i think i will miss seeing the mountains every day! i took these pictures while driving. yes-i am a hazard on the road. good thing my driving days are numbered (24 left to be exact)
*day 2 of YSA summit was great-they had some really interesting classes with great speakers. i opted out of the saturday night dance-a decision i feel great about
*i saw star trek tonight. surprisingly, i loved it! although i still don't think i'll ever actually watch the tv show-the movie was wonderful
*i have misplaced my favorite black dress and my favorite movie. i have searched everywhere and they are nowhere to be found. boo
*i no longer have to sleep with those horrid plastic eye covers-hooray!
*did i mention i move in 24 days? ah!


Brie and Jeff said...

hahaha you took these while driving??! Oh, Erin.

Although, I must say they turned out very well. ;)