04 August 2009


It was such a lovely evening tonight that me and my friend Marta decided to take a trip to the driving range. I kind of love golfing-even though I'm not too great at it. My first time golfing was in a class tournament in the jr. core. One of the guys in charge was in my group and told me that I could play-even though I'd never golfed before. Even though I was terrible, I actually could hit the ball and had a lot of fun. And my team won! (with my contribution of a 10 yard drive and a sweet putt-the boys were really good) I took a golf class the next year and got better. I haven't taken advantage of my non-employed summer and haven't been golfing nearly as much as I should have. I can hit the ball straight but can't hit it that far (according to my teacher, there's nothing I can do to hit it further, I can't hit far because I'm a girl. true story. he actually said that.). It was a fun time at the driving range and I actually had a couple of pretty good hits.

(check out that great golfing form...ha ha ha)


T-Ray said...

I have never tried anything but mini golfing. Looks like it could be fun, although I don't think I would be good at it.

Mika McDaniel said...

Oh heavens Erin... lol... I love the short shorts! :)