06 August 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend was good and relaxing!!

  • Took a half day at work!! YAYYY!!!!
  • Drove to St. George with Megan to spend the weekend in our house down there-since we left in the early afternoon we didn't hit any traffic on the way down!
  • Saw The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at the Tuacahn indoor theater. The show was SO funny. I really liked it! The actors were great and the music was fun too. Would definitely recommend this show!

(apparently I need to work on my self portrait skills...)
  • Brunch at Bear Paw Cafe. Unfortunately, this place was not nearly as good as the first time I went there. I think I need to find a new St. George brunch spot. Any suggestions?!
  • Perfect St George Saturday-pedicure, nap, and pool time
  • Dinner with the padres
  • Saw Hairspray at the Tuacahn outdoor theater. I was nervous we were going to get rained out but thankfully the dark clouds blew over. The show was fun. The girl that played Tracy was really good but I wasn't a big fan of the guy that played Link.

(photo of the scenery on the way to Tuacahn)
  • Drove back early in the AM
  • When I returned home I had 2 packages waiting for me! I love getting mail!! One was some Percy and Penny Pigs (delish British candies from Marks and Spencer). And the other was some new stationery that I ordered!

  • Watched some of the women's marathon before going to sacrament meeting. Oh. My. Goodness. These women are incredible. They run SO fast. It's so inspiring to watch! I haven't finished watching the race yet and I have managed to avoid finding out who won. Can't wait to watch the rest!! And even though I already know who won the match, I can't wait to watch the men's tennis final match!
  • Sacrament Meeting
  • Rissa made us Mongolian beef for dinner. I was bored so I made her put on a cooking show for me while she cooked dinner. So fun!
  • Made French macaroons with Karen and Aubrey. They actually turned out REALLY good!! I was so impressed with our baking skills! I LOVE french macaroons and it wasn't incredibly hard to make them. So excited to keep experimenting with different flavor combinations!

(photo courtesy of Karen)

It was a really good weekend. I love going to St George. It's always super relaxing! Up ahead this week: stake FHE at the Bees game, tennis and more tennis!, Rissa's graduation, and the ward overnight trip. Anyone want to be penpals? I have some new fab stationery that I'm dying to use!


Mika McDaniel said...

Oh me me... I want to be your penpal!

Caroline said...

I'll be your pen pal! I will go get some hilarious chinglish stationary to send you :)