31 July 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend was a good one! And it passed so quickly! I cannot believe that it's August tomorrow. This summer has just flown by.

  • Went shopping at the outlets in Park City. I found the perfect dress for Dinner in White and found another great summer dress for like a million percent off.
  • Went to the Deer Valley Music Festival. They performed the 1812 Overture with real cannons!! So cool!!
  • Went shooting with a group from the ward. It was my first time shooting shotguns and I actually managed to hit one of the pigeons! We also shot handguns. Turns out I like handguns a lot more.
  • We had our ward summer BBQ. They had a big slip 'n slide which kept people entertained for hours. In the interest of not breaking any bones or hurting myself (which I seem prone to do) I elected to observe.
  • Took a lovely Saturday nap
  • Went to an ABBA tribute concert!!! I kind of love ABBA. A friend on facebook posted that she had a couple tickets she couldn't use and that they were up for grabs so I grabbed them! It was the perfect night to be outside and the tribute band was actually pretty good!
  • Good ole church. Nothing too exciting. Although they did announce that we're moving buildings! Apparently it's a big deal.
  • Lots of Olympic watching. I wish I could take the next 2 weeks off to just watch the Olympics!
Should be a good week this week! One of my NYC favorites is in town, tennis lessons 3 times, and a trip to St George next weekend!!