23 July 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend was rather low key.

  • Had dinner with the fam. When we were little, me and Rissa used to take turns picking where to go for dinner on Friday and my parents would go out without us on Saturday. This week it was my turn to pick where we went and I wanted to order pizza and stay in. Pizza is pretty much the only thing you can order in around here...miss you Seamless Web! It was lovely though.
  • I fell asleep on my bed around 8:30 pm. Party animal I know. I woke up around 10:30, changed into my pjs and went to bed.
  • I think I slept for approximately 11 hours. It felt great.
  • 4.4 mile run. I didn't wake up early enough to run outside so it was another treadmill run for me. Oh that treadmill is torture. But I refuse to run in 80 degree weather. Thank you Golds Gym for the cardio cinema. Makes those miles on the treadmill pass just a little quicker.
  • Brunch time with Karen!! We went to Milcreek Cafe. It was pretty delish.
  • Ran errands...returned library books, washed car, tried in vain to pick up my dry cleaning, etc etc
  • Megan and Kathryn's birthday party!! To celebrate the last year in their 20s, they threw a 20s themed party. Those girls always do such a good job with their parties and it was fun to celebrate with them!!
  • Churchy church. We had an FHE committee meeting and I was put in charge of our Iron Chef activity next month! I'm excited-it should be fun!!
  • Dinner with the fam and Mario and Dale. For dinner I made the most delish lasagna. I got the recipe from the cookbook I bought it Italy. Such a good purchase-the lasagna tasted almost exactly like this yummy lasagna I had in Florence. Can't wait to try more recipes!!
  • Watched the Next Food Network Star finale. I am so so so disappointed that Ivan didn't win. So sad. Hopefully they'll still have him do something on the Food Network. I just adore him!
Like I said, it was a pretty quiet weekend but apparently I needed to rest and catch up. This week should be a good one! Advance tickets to Step Up Revolution, mid-week holiday, tennis lessons, and the Deer Valley Music festival!!


Camilla said...

Megan and Kathryn's bday sounds like it was delightful! Can't wait to hear more about it! Love you weekend updates so much!