15 July 2012

Weekend update

It was a rather quiet weekend this weekend. Yet it passed way too fast!


  • Friday night we had a work BBQ. Pretty much everyone I work with is my parents' age but it was fun. And I wowed everyone with my delish potato salad.
  • Went to bed earlier than early so I could wake up for the Lavender Days 5k on Saturday. We're talking in bed at 10pm early.

  • Woke up practically in the middle of the night to drive down to Mona, Utah for the Lavender Days 5k. Not quite sure what possessed me to sign up for a 5k so far from home! I ended up making it down there in record time and had a while to wait before the race.
  • Ran the Lavender 5k with Megan and Karen. And by ran with, I mean we all ran it, none of us actually ran together. Ha. It was a lovely little race with great race souvenirs and yummy post-race food!

  • Had brunch with my friend Kiersten who I hadn't seen in at least a year. So fun to catch up with her!
  • Nap time!! I may have slept for 3 hours. It was so great.
  • Dinner at The Porcupine Grill with the parents and the Shermans. Love the Porcupine-their nachos are out of this world.
  • Played Shanghai Rum. I was leading the pack for a while but a few bad hands knocked me all the way to second to last place
  • Delish french toast breakfast cooked by Daddy
  • Ward choir practice. 
  • Churchy church. Can I just say 2 things: 1-why on earth is church 3 hours?! 2-we totally rocked the music number
  • Ward mingle. Got to spend some time chatting with fellow ex-New Yorker Chad.
  • Sunday relaxing time. 
  • Sunday dinner and Next Food Network Star. Please go vote for Ivan at foodnetwork.com/star. He is such a dear and would be so great on his own show!
  • Ward Prayer. So much ward time today. But it was fun!
This week is going to be great! I'm going to see Joshua Radin on Tuesday! Love love love. And I signed up for another session of tennis lessons! YAYY!!