10 July 2012

Weekend Update

It has been quite a while since I've done one of these. Let's be honest, it's been quite a while since I've been a consistent blogger (perhaps never?). This past weekend was a fun one!

Friday 6 July
  • Saw the Utah Symphony play at Thanksgiving Point with Jane, Megan and Trina. I had never been to a concert at the Waterfall Amphitheater at Thanksgiving Point and it didn't disappoint. It wasn't super crowded, it was perfect weather, and the symphony played all kinds of patriotic songs in honor of the 4th of July. We made a delish picnic, thinking you could eat inside the amphitheater and were disappointed when we couldn't bring in any food. We ended up spreading our blanket on a spot of grass in the parking lot and picnicking there before going into the concert. During intermission, I was lucky enough to meet Vladimir Kulenovic, conductor of the Utah Symphony. He is so precious and such a dear! The night ended with a lovely fireworks display. Such a fun night and so glad we went!

Saturday 7 July
  • Went to Tawni's baby shower! It was so fun to see Tawni. I don't know how I've been here in SLC three months and we hadn't seen each other yet. She's having a little girl in September! Eeeekk!

  • Ran errands and went and picked up my new tennis racquet! YAY!!!
  • Went to the Bees game with Amber and friends. I hadn't been to a Bees game in ages-it was fun. We sat on the grass and mostly just hung out. I don't think any of us were paying much attention to the game and they lost terribly. How embarassing! We also ended the night with a fireworks show. So fun.
Sunday 8 July
  • Picked up Sarah from the airport! She came to visit for a few days before heading down to a fam reunion in Cedar City.
  • Went to Karen's ward to see her speak. She gave such a great talk, I told her she can give all my talks in church from now on. If only that was really an option...
  • Hung out with Brad and Anita for a bit. So fun to all be reunited here in the West!

  • Made a delish spaghetti dinner for Sunday dinner. Yum.
It was a great weekend!! I loved having so many NYC friends in town!!


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About time we got an update! :) Great to hear from you

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