21 August 2012

Weekend Update

It was a good weekend. And I am behind in adding pictures to these posts....ooops...

  • Went and saw Aida at the Sandy Amphitheater with Megan. We got there super early so we could be sure to get the best grass spot possible. It ended up not being as crazy crowded as the Abba concert was so we probably didn't have to be there right when the doors opened but oh well. It was a fun show and the main people were really great!
  • Ventured to the farmer's market at Pioneer Park. There were so many wonderful things there! Fresh fruit and vegetables, great people watching, delish food. I definitely must return before the summer is over!
Met this friend at the market. The man in charge wanted me to pet it. That sure was not happening...
  • Went and got a massage. Oh how I wish I could have a personal massuese!
  • Ran a few errands including a trip to Barnes and Noble. I could spend my life's fortune in there! I always come out with more than I intended to buy. I purchased this month's book club book. For once, I'm going to finish the book and actually participate in the discussion!
  • One of my college besties was in town!!! It was so fun to see Lara and chat and catch up. She had to go and move to California so we don't get to see each other much these days. Boo and boo. We just hung out at my house then met up with Amber for dinner at Settebello. It was a lovely, low-key evening.
Love this candid!

Reunited!! Lara-move back please!!

  • Church and a munch and mingle.
  • Mario and Dale came over for dinner. Rissa made pulled pork and I made my potato salad, special request from Dale. I also made a delish peach crumble and had my dad make his famous homemade ice cream to go with. It was a lovely Sunday dinner.

  • Caught up on Dance Moms. Does anyone else watch this ridiculous show?!
This week is looking to be kind of a quiet one. My tennis lessons are over (sad face) so I need to come up with something else wonderful to fill my time with!