14 August 2012

Weekend Update

  • I only worked part of the day because I went to sister's convocation in the morning! Yay for graduating and yay for only working part day!!!

  • We had our ward overnight activity. Does anyone else find it odd that we had a ward slumber party? Nonetheless, it was lovely-lots of delish food and it was fun hanging out with the wardies
  • Yogurland time with Karen!! I wish that place wasn't so far, although perhaps it's a good thing it's not just around the corner...
  • Kathryn's bridal shower!! She is so excited to get married and she received some lovely gifts. It was an all-white theme so I got to test out my white dress I'm wearing to dinner in white!

  • Family dinner at Bombay House to celebrate Rissa walking at graduation. Rissa had never been to Bombay House so that was her pick for dinner. It was delish-definitely up there with some of the best food I've had since leaving NYC. Oh how I miss eating good food all the time...
  • Watched the Olympics and Fast Five. I was so tired from the ward slumber party that I just wanted to veg Saturday night.
  • Just the usual-church and choir practice, delish Sunday dinner, getting my last bits of relaxation in before the new week
Up this week...I'm in charge of our ward FHE this week-we're doing an Iron Chef competition, home ward garden party, tennis and tennis, and my college bestie is coming to town!