27 August 2012

Weekend Update

  • The weekend started early with our work summer party!! We got to leave the office at 11:30 for a picnic lunch and a game of Amazing Race, SLC style. We literally ran all over downtown in 90+ degree weather. I was completely worn out by the end. It was a lot of fun though and definitely beats a Friday afternoon in the office!
My team-we had to put on swimming gear and stand in the fountain at Gateway
  • Amber and her roommates had a timeshare in Park City for the weekend so I went up there and hung out with them. I forget how great Park City is. I need to make it a point to go up there more often. We had dinner and walked around Main Street for a little bit. Then we went back to the timeshare and hung out in the hot tub, chatted, and played games. Apparently I'm 97 years old and was so tired by 11:30.
  • Drove back from Park City. The leaves are already changing colors. That's not allowed. It's still summer!
  • Karen had texted me and invited me to go to her ward activity. They were going boating so of course I couldn't pass that up! It was a lot of fun. I love to be on boats!! I don't particularly love getting in the water but nothing beats spending an afternoon cruising around on a boat. I need to find some boat owner friends by next summer...
  • Relaxed at home a bit, cleaned my room, attempted to make lemon macarons and failed. I was so disappointed they didn't turn out. I think I overbeat them. I had to throw all of them away. Boo.
  • Went to a birthday party for a girl in my ward. It was fun-I learned how to play bumper pool and played Just Dance
  • Church
  • Lemon macaron attempt #2. It was a success!!! I was super careful with those egg whites and they turned out perfect!! I love macarons and am so excited that I know how to make them!

  • Choir practice. Our stake was invited to sing in the choir that's going to sing at the RS General meeting at the end of September and we had our first rehearsal. It was COMPLETE chaos. It took them over an hour to hand out the music. Once we started actually practing though things calmed down. The songs are really beautiful and despite the crazy clothing standards (long black skirts and an UNTUCKED white shirt...who wears their shirts untucked these days?!) I think it will be a fun experience. Or something.
It was a good weekend. I can't believe that this upcoming weekend is the last weekend of summer! Nothing too crazy is going on this week...FHE, hopefully playing some tennis, and going to see To Rome with Love!!


alli said...

Please share the recipe!!! I want to make some macaroons! I showed Curt the photo and he drooled too