07 January 2014

Best moments of 2013 according to Instagram: #1-10

And now for the top #10 moments of my 2013, according to Instagram!!! **some of the photos are on my old computer. I'll get them in there at some point but if you want to check them out find me (erinmasi) on Instagram!

#10. Grilling picture: 47 likes
I decided that I wanted to learn how to grill this summer! And what better way to get started than after church in heels and pearls?!

#9: Running picture: 47 likes       
This picture is from one of my few training runs! I joined a running group and we did our runs insanely early in the morning (since it was the middle of the summer) out on the Jordan River Parkway trail. It was a lovely trail to run-I wish it was closer to my house!

#8: Symphony with Mamma: 48 like       
One of my all time favorite pieces of music is Vivaldi’s 4 seasons!! The Utah Symphony played it this season so me and my mamma went. It was so wonderful and we had a great time!

#7: NYC half-right before: 49 likes
I already posted one picture from the NYC half, this one was taken by a stranger just before we started the race. Don't let my smile fool you. It was so SO cold and I was rather nervous since I had only run approximately 7 miles total before the race. Ack!

#6: Mom’s dinner table: 49 likes
My mamma has TONS of dishes and linens. Setting a beautiful table is one of her many talents! This is a picture of a fall table that she set for her Empty Nester Dinner club. So lovely!

#5: Gingerbread houses: 52 likes
This year Jane and I hosted a gingerbread house making night! We used graham crackers and had all of the fixings for decorating. We had a nice small group and had a great time!

#4: NYC half-finished: 58 likes
By some sort of miracle I finished the NYC half marathon. The first 8 miles actually weren’t that bad! And then the last 5.1 miles (and yes-that .1 makes a big difference) were a nightmare. I was cold, I was hurting, and to top if all off my ipod died at mile 10.5. Thank goodness for the sweet Canadian ladies who let me run the rest of the way with them! Note to self: never again run a half marathon without training. Bad, bad idea!

#3: Christmas tree: 62 likes
Our Christmas tree all lit up on Christmas eve!

#2. Symphony with Jeremy: 64 likes
Jeremy and I went to see the Utah Symphony and Byron Stripling perform Holiday Swing! It was such a lovely festive show and a fun outing.

And the #1 best moment of the year (according to Instagram) is……….

New hair: 67 likes!!!!!!!
I was getting bored of my hair and wanted to do something fun that wasn’t chopping it off. So my awesome stylist Kambria colored it!!! It was a fun change for the summer and Kambria did a great job!