10 January 2014

2013 Goals: Final check-in!

I can’t believe that 2013 is over! It went by so quickly! I suppose now it’s time for the final 2013 goals check-in.

Goal completely accomplished:
Goal #9: Go on an exotic vacation! This year I traveled to Portugal. It was such a fantastic vacation and a place less traveled by most. Loved completing this goal!

Goal #10: Improve my financial situation. I made some great strides here and set out what I had wanted to do (can I be any more vague?!). Looking forward to more goals in the future.

Goal #12: I finally won one of my tennis matches!!! Success!!

Goal nearly accomplished:
Goal #3: Send 100 pieces of mail. I sent 96 pieces of mail-including Christmas cards-this year! Ideally I wanted to send 100 pieces of mail, not including Christmas cards, but ended up counting them to get me almost to my goal. One of my 30 by 30 goals is to send 100 pieces of non-Christmas card mail.

Goal #8: Read 12 books and the Book of Mormon. I came pretty close-I read 11 books. Putting more reading in my 30 by 30 goals too.

Goal #11: Make a chevron quilt. I am nearly done with the sewing part of the quilt. I have one more long strip to sew and then I’ll have 2 halves to sew together. And then I have to find someone to quilt it. So I’m close. Very close!

It was fun working towards these goals throughout the year-even though there were a good handful I didn’t finish, I feel great about the ones I did!

Now on to my 30 before 30!!