03 January 2014

Best moments of 2013 according to Instagram: #11-20

#20. Flying the airplane: 37 likes
When we went to San Francisco, we flew the nightmarish Allegiant Air. Altogether we had 12 hours of delays for a 1.5 hour flight. There was one bright spot-they let me sit in the cockpit of the airplane! Yes. I’m 7 years old. The co-pilot was awesome and showed me what to do so I looked like a legit pilot for the picture. So fun!

#19. Electric Run: 38 likes
This really was not a great year for running, but I did the electric run! Me, Jane, and Marissa walked it and had a great time! The best part was running into Juan Pablo-the newest bachelor on ABC! And don’t worry-I literally ran into him-he stepped on me! Can’t wait to watch the episode in January!

#18. Joshua Radin/Matt Nathanson concert: 38 likes
I never pass up a chance to see Joshua Radin live! I just love him and he’s so great. And lucky for me, he was playing with Matt Nathanson this summer!! Hands down one of my favorite concerts I’ve been to in a while. We had a great time. And decided that we’re too old for standing concerts. Ha.

#17. The fur: 39 likes
The fact that this TBT post made the top 20 list proves that the coat is timeless. And I need it.

#16. Pioneer Park concert: 39 likes
All summer long I wanted to go to one of the summer concerts in Pioneer Park. Jane and I finally made it to one. It was quite the scene. And most definitely NOT my scene. We actually ended up leaving early…ooops!

#15. NYC girls: 41 likes
I was lucky enough to make it out to NYC 3 times this year! This picture was taken after our girls brunch at Isabella’s. I just love these girls and love that I get to see them when I’m in NYC!! I wish they’d all just move to Utah! 

#14. Race for the Cure: 42 likes
Race for the Cure is one of my favorite events of the year. It’s a 5k run/walk to raise money for the Susan G Komen foundation, which supports breast cancer research. We do it together as a family every year. This year some of our friends joined us too which was fun!

#13: Temple lunch with Karen: 43 likes
One day during the spring, Karen and I met for lunch. It was finally warm enough to eat outside so we eat outside by the temple grounds. It was so lovely to be outside in the sunshine and with the flowers!

#12: NYC marathon: 45 likes
Once upon a time I wanted to run the NYC marathon, and I was accepted! Sadly my body had other plans and training was a bit of a disaster. So instead of running and dying, I decided to defer to 2014. Hopefully my body will cooperate with me this year and I’ll be able to train and run!

#11: NYC half-the day before: 46 likes
Even though I didn’t run the full marathon, I ran the NYC half marathon this year! It was a great excuse to go to NYC. This picture is of me at the packet pick up the day before. Please note the heavy coat and general cold look. Yikes.