02 January 2014

Best moments of 2013 according to Instagram: #21-30

As sort of a wrap-up-of-the-year post, I thought it would be fun to highlight my most interesting moments of 2013 by counting down my most liked photos on Instagram. I would’ve done top 10 but some of my favorite moments were in the 20-30 category. So instead you get 30. You’re so lucky. Without further ado, my top 30 moments of 2013 according to Instagram:

#30. Valentine’s day cookies: 30 likes
Coming in at #30 is the time I made Valentine’s day cookies for my office! A dear friend once taught me that Valentine’s day wasn’t just for people with lovers, it can be a celebration of love in general! Love for friends and family, love for ourselves. You get the picture. So to share the love I made approximately a billion heart shaped cookies and took them to work. So fun!

#29. Jersey Boys with Sister: 30 likes
There is something called Broadway Across America (or something of the sort) that brings a few Broadway shows to Utah. Sister and I got tickets for Jersey Boys! It was a fun show and actually pretty good for regional theater!

#28. Portugal Day 1: 30 likes
I spent the first day in Portugal touring by myself. And trying in vain to not fall asleep anytime I stopped anywhere. I may have taken a few public naps and am grateful I didn’t get kidnapped or robbed. Ha. But it was a lovely day! I found a cute little cafĂ© to have breakfast (we ended up going there every day we were in Lisbon),  I climbed the Belem tower, visited the Monastery of Jeronimos, and strolled past the monument to the discoveries. 

#27. Portugal Night 2: 30 likes
Portugal night 2 was a great one! It was the Festa da Santo Antonio. People were EVERYWHERE partying all. night. long. And it just so happened that our apartment was right in the heart of the festivities in our neighborhood.  We ate delicious churros, made by a lovely churro man, found funny sardine hats, and partied with a billion of our closest friends. So fun!

#26. 2013 Advent calendar: 30 likes
3 years ago, Jen and I started a tradition of craft a new advent calendar every year! This year was no different. I made the trek to Rexburg and we made this adorable star box advent calendar. And I think I achieved an advent calendar record by actually finishing it in time to use!

#25. Easter: 31 likes
My family does Easter right! We still get Easter dresses. My mom does a beautiful table and a fabulous dinner. And don’t forget the Masihdas Easter egg hunt!! Such a fun tradition-and one that we actually didn’t start until we were all older. Easter is hands down my favorite holiday and I love spending it with my family!

#24. Hiking: 31 likes
When we went to San Francisco, we spent an afternoon walking in Muir woods. Hiking is a bit of an overstatement considering all the paths were flat and paved. Nonetheless, I went hiking in style-sporting my favorite summer dress and of course the pearls!

#23. Jazz game with my Daddy: 34 likes
At least once or twice a year I get to go to a Jazz game with my Daddy! It’s always a fun time!

#22. Deseret News 10k starting line: 34 likes
One of my favorite races to run in Salt Lake is the Deseret News 10k on the 24th of July! I ran it this year even though I was nowhere near to being in shape enough to run a 10k. Megan and Emmalyn ran it to! It was a good race and I managed not to die. 

#21. Selena Gomez concert: 36 likes
Somehow the Selena Gomez concert made the list! Megan and I bought tickets on a whim and I think when the day came, neither of us really wanted to go. But it ended up being a lot of fun and a great concert!


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Awesome idea - can't wait to see the rest!

alli said...
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Tracy said...

Girl, you are awesome. So glad we are friends. Happy New Year!