01 August 2013

2013 Goals: July check-in

I promise one of these days I'll write a regular post...but for now you get another goals check-in!

  • Goal 2: I have read a few more pages but haven’t gotten in as much reading as I would like to!
  • Goal 6: I have started working with a running coach. I think it will be good to have someone to be accountable to for my runs. We did our first run in 95 degree weather yesterday. That is just too hot to be doing anything other than sitting by a pool.

Shameless running selfie

  • Goal 7: Complete a triathlon-this is another goal that is most likely not going to be accomplished this year. I need to focus more on training for that marathon. So for now this one has been postponed.
  • Goal 8: I re-read Ender’s Game this month. I had read it in junior high in Ms. Aagard’s English class. It had pretty much forgotten everything that happened except for the end so it was fun to read it again. And the movie’s coming out in November so now I’m ready!
  • Goal 11: Our quilts. We laid out our quilts and pinned the whole thing. It took much longer than expected so next month is sewing month!

  • Goal 12: Completed!!! I finally won a tennis match! Kind of a miracle considering I hadn’t played in over a month. Even though this goal has been completed, I probably will keep playing tennis-just not as much.
  • Goal 13: Once again I didn’t manage to write at all. Slump.
  • Goal 14: Somehow July just flew by and I didn’t make a single recipe. Hopefully Augusts will be less crazy and have more time for cooking!


Lisa said...

That quilt is going to be so cute! can't wait to see the finished product. :) congrats on the tennis game!
Once again, it was so fun seeing you live and in person--it has been too long!