11 July 2013

2013 Goals: May-June check-in

It’s time for the May/June goals check-in!!
  • Goal 1: I am still going to yoga. I really really love it. I need to start practicing the splits afterwards though.
  • Goal 2: I have fallen behind in my L’Alchimista reading. Hopefully this summer will have lots of pool time and lots of time for pool reading!
  • Goal 3: I only sent 2 pieces of mail in May and June. Ooops.
  • Goal 4: I have decided that spin class is not a priority lately so I’m abandoning this goal. For now.
  • Goal 6: I have started my training for the NYC marathon. I’m off to a slow start-I need to figure out how to schedule in all of my training workouts in addition/replacement of the other things I want to do.
  • Goal 8: I read 2 books in May/June! The first one was called Nothing to Envy. Everyone needs to go pick it up immediately. It’s about how people are living in North Korea. It’s SO interesting! I had no idea that things were so crazy over there. The second book I read was a shallow, easy beach read called Silver Girl. It kept me entertained on my long flights to NYC and Portugal. And then once I finished, I left it there for someone else to enjoy! 
  • Goal 9: International vacation 2013 is in the books!! I spent a week in Portugal in June and had such a fabulous time! I can’t wait to start planning my next vacation! 

Just a taste of our vacation-Portugal deserves it's own post

  • Goal 11: Our quilts. We did more cutting but didn’t get to the pinning and sewing for June. We are still on track though to finish them in a couple of months!

  • Goal 12: May was a good tennis month. I went to class a few times and played 3 matches. I played one of the hardest matches I’ve ever played. We played for over 2 hours!! Sadly, I just couldn’t pull through, But I did manage to draw it out to 3 sets-so I feel like I’m getting better. I didn’t play much in June-hopefully there will be some time in July!
  • Goal 13: I failed miserably at writing in my journal. I even hauled the thing to Portugal and didn’t write once! I’m changing this goal to writing something just 4 times a month. The daily thing is just not going to happen. 
  • Goal 14: I managed to make one recipe from the Gourmet Cookbook in May. I made the charred tomatillo guacamole. It was super easy and really yummy. I still have 46 recipes to go but I’m not quite ready to give up on this one quite yet!