19 August 2013

Weekend Update: 8.18.2013

It was a rather slow, quiet weekend this past weekend…

I was up half of Thursday night sick so Friday night I took it easy. Changed into my pajamas as soon as a got home from work (that’s right-even though I was sick I went to work anyways…I’m not using my PTO to stay home and be sick!), made some soup, and caught up on my DVR.  Jeremy came over and kept me company. He’s such a dear-he even watched Step Up Revolution with me!!

It was a very relaxing and low-key Saturday. In the morning I should’ve run but figured it wouldn’t be the best idea after being sick on Friday and only eating brothy soup all day. So I slept in. It was lovely and much needed. Saturday afternoon we had our monthly ladies dinner club-except we did lunch. Emmalyn hosted and it was fabulous! It was fun to all be together and to eat a delish, healthy lunch!

Saturday night we were going to go to a stargazing event up at Snowbird but it was cloudy and rainy so we decided to make it a movie and dinner type of night. We saw Despicable Me 2, which was very cute and fun. Fingers crossed that the weather is better next Saturday and that we can go to the stargazing thing!

I kind of love Sundays because it’s an excuse to do nothing but relax. It was a good relaxing Sunday. Church was church. The parents went to their empty nester dinner so Rissa and I cooked breakfast for dinner. We went all out and had all of the delicious breakfast things we could think of. I also may or may not have nearly burned down the kitchen. Note to self-don’t spray cooking spray on a pan on an open flame. Oooops.

Up Ahead
This week is going to be busy!! I’m finally hoping to get back to hot yoga a few times this week, and get in a few good runs. This marathon thing is coming up soon and I am so not ready! Ack! We also have our work summer party on Friday! Hooray for having a day out of the office!!