28 February 2012

Tuesday Tunes

I have zero new songs that I have been listening to this week. I think I have already shared my most recent faves and I'm still just listening to those mostly. So for today's Tuesday Tunes we're taking it back to the top hits this week 10 years ago! After some googling, I found the billboard top hits for the week of Feb 23, 2002. Here are a couple of my favorites from that list...

Ain't it Funny-Jennifer Lopez
Everyone loves a little bit of JLo right?

Wherever You Will Go-The Calling
I love love loved this band when they came out. Too bad they weren't around for that long

Oh goodness. Listening to those songs takes me right back to high school...ha ha ha. Enjoy!

Weekend Update!

It was a good busy weekend this weekend!

Friday night was Brad's going away party! Brad is moving back to SLC. I told him to pave the way and scope it out before I get there. NYC is sure going to miss Brad!

A good handful of people that were there to send Brad off

Me and Anita-Brad's 2 favorite Indians

Me and Brad. SLC here we come!

Saturday morning I went to brunch at Le Monde with Sharon. It is this precious French place and it was so delish. I love love Saturday brunch and it is a serious concern that when I go to Utah I will have nowhere to brunch! Saturday afternoon was spent doing errands and random things around the house. It was Kaisha's golden birthday Saturday so we went to Dinosaur BBQ to celebrate. It was really good-one of the best BBQ places in the city. After Kaisha's dinner, we hopped down to Jim's place for his glow-in-the-dark birthday party. Such a fun idea!! It was a great Saturday!

My hot chocolate at brunch came in a chalice of sorts. Fun, but rather difficult to drink...

Indian Sandwiches with Jim (above) and Vanessa (below)

Sunday was just a low key Sunday. Got up an made sugar cookies for dinner that night and then went to church. The talks in church were all really good. Sunday night we had a small dinner group with crock-pot meals and cookies and ice cream for dessert. It was a lovely Sunday and a great way to finish the weekend!

24 February 2012

Flashback Friday #3

2008. I was living in the White House in Provo. Morgan and I decided that since BYU doesn't have a spring break, we'd plan our own little vacation. We decided to go to California to visit Morgan's friend Aaron and enjoy some warmer weather. It was such a lovely long weekend!!

 Our sweet rental car. Ugliest car ever.

We took a trip to Disneyland!!! It rained most of the time we were there but that didn't stop us from having a fab time. And of course we had to eat the famous funnel cakes!

We went and saw Wicked in LA. Love and love Wicked.

We went to see the Newport temple. It was so pretty and Newport is such a lovely neighborhood. Can't go there without thinking of Seth, Summer, Marissa and Ryan. Oh the OC....ha ha ha.

On our way to the airport, we realized we hadn't been to the beach so we took a small detour to put our feet in the ocean and snap some photos. Turns out the detour made us miss our flight back! Oops. Luckily we were able to get on the next flight a few hours later and made it back to cold, snowy Utah.

Such a fun trip. Self imposed spring break is such a fab idea!!

22 February 2012

In less than six weeks...

...I am leaving my beloved NYC and returning to SLC. To live. Crazy!!!!

It's something I've been thinking about for a little bit but finally made the decision a couple weeks ago. My last day of work will be March 2nd (eeek!). Then I'll have a couple of weeks to play and take in the city like a tourist. Off to Italy March 15-25. Then a week more to finish up stuff here and get ready to go back to SLC. I still can't quite believe that I'm leaving. I am the saddest to be leaving all of my dear friends, and my life here in NYC, but looking forward to whatever the next chapter of my life holds!

21 February 2012

Tuesday Tunes

I kind of love 80's music. All kinds-80's pop, 80's power ballads, 80's hair band music. Love and love. So today's songs are brought to you by the 80's!

High Enough-Damn Yankees
This seems to be a lesser known song, but it's a great one! (apparently it came out in 1990...close enough)

Winds of Change-Scorpions
Love love this one. Discovered it on Pandora!


19 February 2012

The Weekend Update!

This weekend was a lovely weekend. Kind of quiet, yet busy at the same time. It was a good weekend and as always went by WAY too fast.


  • Had dinner with Ashley-We sat in Chipotle for hours just chatting away, solving the problems of life. I love taking long leisurely meals, where you have no where to go and can just take your time and enjoy the moment.
  • Watched Pooh Bear with Brody. I love cheesy children's movies. We had meant to go see it in the theaters but our schedules never matched up and we missed it! So we rented it on his x-box instead. He has one of those new x-boxes that you can talk to and wave at and it does what you say. I am creeped out by it. Also, it doesn't listen to me or do what I say. Humph. Pooh Bear was cute and actually very funny. But it doesn't compare to the old, original Pooh cartoons of my childhood. (goodness that makes me sound old)
  • Went to the temple in the morning!! Such a nice way to start out the day and much needed.
  • Bought some new shoes. I found some AMAZING heels that I wanted, but decided to hold off and buy a fab pair of shoes when I go to Italy (less than a month away! eeeek!) Instead I bought 2 pairs of flats as mine are close to falling apart. This city sure wreaks havoc on your shoes!
  • Made a delish brunch with Jane and we "planned" our trip. By planned, I mean we came up with a very bare bones, flexible itinerary. The only concrete plan is to eat as much gelato as possible. 
  • Met Drew for dinner at PJ Clarkes. I love PJ Clarkes' Mac and Cheese. We hadn't talked for a while and it's been a crazy couple months for both of us so it was great to see him and catch up.
  • Went to Oscar's goodbye dance party! I wasn't quite in the dancing mood but it was fun to see him before he goes. The first of the mass exodus from NYC.
  • Vampire Diary time with Karen!!! Please tell me someone else out there is watching Vamp Diaries and loving it as much as I am?! Every episode I just die over how good the show is. And there are not going to be any new episodes for a month! Gah!

  • Sunday morning lounge time. I just LOVE my bed!
  • Churchy church-great meetings today. The temple president and his wife spoke. They gave incredible talks!
  • "Sharon time"-For Sharon's birthday we did a dinner and "sharon" time where everyone shared something with Sharon. It was quite the variety show with musical acts, light saber battles, youtube videos, treats, poems, etc etc. It was a fun Sunday night with some of my favorites here!
It was a great weekend! Why does Monday always come around so soon?!

Flashback Friday #2

Happy President's Day weekend everyone!! Unfortunately, Deloitte doesn't believe in Presidents so I don't get the day off. Boo.

Today we flash back just one year to last President's Day weekend. A group of 8 New Yorkers embarked on a journey to the Land of Ice (aka Iceland). It was such a lovely long weekend with a fab group of people. We all still reminisce about what a fun time we all had.

All of us at the continental divide-jumping!

At the site of the first parliament

Out hunting for the Northern lights-you can see a faint glimpse of them on the right hand side of the photo

14 February 2012

Tuesday Tunes!

Happy Valentine's Day!! Today's tunes are about love...

Everybody-Ingrid Michaelson
This song has been stuck in my head today...It's a fun one!

Unchained Melody-Righteous Brothers
I just love this song. So great! Did anybody ever see the movie Ghost?! Was it good?

I Will Always Love You-Whitney Houston
Because of course this week we need to include a little bit of Whitney

Hope y'all had a great Valentine's Day!! What are some of your favorite V-Day songs?!

10 February 2012

Flashback Friday...round 1

Tonight I went and saw The Vow. The gist of the movie is that this couple gets in a car accident and the wife loses her memory of the past five years. After the movie we were talking about what it would be like to wake up one day and not remember the past 5 years of life. It was interesting to think back about where I was 5 years ago and what I was doing in life.

I've seen flashback friday on other blogs so I thought I'd give it a shot tonight. So where was I 5 years ago??

...I was living in Provo Utah in the White House...loved that house!
...I was in the middle of my second semester of the dreaded accounting junior core
...I had just found out that I'd be going to Asia on a study abroad for 3 weeks

I don't have my photos from back then on this computer but I do have a record of my gchats!! So what was I gchatting about 5 years ago??

...doing my chores to avoid studying
...the hassle of driving to SLC
...being so excited to go to the ballet!
...I was chatting to Lara as we were sitting right next to each other

It was kind of a run-of-the-mill day on Feb 10th five years ago. Next flashback friday, I'll flash back to something with more excitement! And photos!

07 February 2012

Tuesday Tunes

Happy Tuesday!!! Today you're getting a new favorite, and an old favorite, brought to you by Grey's Anatomy.

New Favorite:
Into the Fire by Thirteen Senses
This was on last week's episode. I've heard it before somewhere else and loved it then too.

Old Favorite:
Sky by Joshua Radin
I love Joshua Radin. I've seen him in concert several times and love him every time. It's always fun to hear his music on TV shows. Ingrid Michaelson sings with him and she's lovely as well.


06 February 2012

Weekend Update!

It was a really lovely weekend. Low key. Relaxing. Lots of time with some of my favorite friends. Why do the weekends always go by so fast?!?


  • Went back to PT!! Apparently it's a strange thing for people to like physical therapy so much, but I kind of love it. I'm so excited that my foot is healed enough to be able to go back. I'm excited to get stronger and get ready to train for the NY Marathon!!!! We did a lot of calf exercises-my right calf is significantly smaller than my left now due to the 5 weeks in the boot. I was SO sore the rest of the weekend. But good sore. I'm happy to be getting back in the game!
  • Had dinner at Shake Shack-always delicious
  • Went and saw The Woman in Black with a bunch of friends. Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter to me. Parts of the movie I thought, just take out your wand and do a spell! Poor kid. It was a good movie-definitely a jumpy one. It's been a while since I saw a movie in the theater so it was a good time.
  • Spent a couple of hours just lounging in my bed. I love my bed so much.
  • Went to brunch with Ashley at one of our favorite brunch spots, Cafe Ronda. We discovered it one Saturday while we were walking down Columbus looking for a new place to brunch. It's now a staple in my brunch rotation. It was fun to chat and catch up. And of course the eggs benedict were delish.
  • Worked. But I worked from home which is infinitely better than having to go to the office.
  • Went to dinner with everyone for Anita's birthday. We went for Thai and the food was so yummy (apparently that's the highlight of the weekend...eating). Then we went to Brad's house to surprise Anita with cake and ice cream. It was a fun night with my dear friends.
  • More morningtime lounging in my bed before church
  • Did my taxes-I am a nerd and kind of love doing my taxes
  • Churchy church time. Meetings were good and I got released from my nightmare calling!! I was not nervous to get a new one because any calling would be less scary for me than teaching Sunday school. It was a good experience. I learned a lot. I am SO happy to be released.
  • Superbowl time at the boys house!! I love Superbowl Sunday. Not so much for the football (my friends can vouch that I know next to nothing about football) but for the party-ness of it. I loved the Madonna halftime show. One of the better halftime shows that I've seen. And I loved that my Giants won! Can't wait for the parade tomorrow!!!
It was a good weekend!! 4 more days until the next one....

02 February 2012

Thursday Tunes....mostly because I forgot on Tuesday

A couple of days ago, my friend Garrett put this picture up on facebook...

A total blast from the past photo from my Italy study abroad. This was one of the first several (several hundred I'm sure) group shots taken throughout the 4 months we were there. One of the first nights we were all there, Elton John was putting on a free concert in front of the Colosseum, so of course we had to go check it out. This is part of our group that was there that night. It's been ages since I've looked at my photos so was fun to see this photo again and remember all the fun times we had!

So in honor of this photo, you're getting 2 songs that will forever remind me of study abroad. Both of these songs came out those months we were in Italy and were playing EVERYWHERE we went. I can't hear these songs without thinking of Italy.

Bad Day-Daniel Powter
I actually really love this music video too.

You're Beautiful-James Blunt