28 February 2012

Weekend Update!

It was a good busy weekend this weekend!

Friday night was Brad's going away party! Brad is moving back to SLC. I told him to pave the way and scope it out before I get there. NYC is sure going to miss Brad!

A good handful of people that were there to send Brad off

Me and Anita-Brad's 2 favorite Indians

Me and Brad. SLC here we come!

Saturday morning I went to brunch at Le Monde with Sharon. It is this precious French place and it was so delish. I love love Saturday brunch and it is a serious concern that when I go to Utah I will have nowhere to brunch! Saturday afternoon was spent doing errands and random things around the house. It was Kaisha's golden birthday Saturday so we went to Dinosaur BBQ to celebrate. It was really good-one of the best BBQ places in the city. After Kaisha's dinner, we hopped down to Jim's place for his glow-in-the-dark birthday party. Such a fun idea!! It was a great Saturday!

My hot chocolate at brunch came in a chalice of sorts. Fun, but rather difficult to drink...

Indian Sandwiches with Jim (above) and Vanessa (below)

Sunday was just a low key Sunday. Got up an made sugar cookies for dinner that night and then went to church. The talks in church were all really good. Sunday night we had a small dinner group with crock-pot meals and cookies and ice cream for dessert. It was a lovely Sunday and a great way to finish the weekend!