19 February 2012

The Weekend Update!

This weekend was a lovely weekend. Kind of quiet, yet busy at the same time. It was a good weekend and as always went by WAY too fast.


  • Had dinner with Ashley-We sat in Chipotle for hours just chatting away, solving the problems of life. I love taking long leisurely meals, where you have no where to go and can just take your time and enjoy the moment.
  • Watched Pooh Bear with Brody. I love cheesy children's movies. We had meant to go see it in the theaters but our schedules never matched up and we missed it! So we rented it on his x-box instead. He has one of those new x-boxes that you can talk to and wave at and it does what you say. I am creeped out by it. Also, it doesn't listen to me or do what I say. Humph. Pooh Bear was cute and actually very funny. But it doesn't compare to the old, original Pooh cartoons of my childhood. (goodness that makes me sound old)
  • Went to the temple in the morning!! Such a nice way to start out the day and much needed.
  • Bought some new shoes. I found some AMAZING heels that I wanted, but decided to hold off and buy a fab pair of shoes when I go to Italy (less than a month away! eeeek!) Instead I bought 2 pairs of flats as mine are close to falling apart. This city sure wreaks havoc on your shoes!
  • Made a delish brunch with Jane and we "planned" our trip. By planned, I mean we came up with a very bare bones, flexible itinerary. The only concrete plan is to eat as much gelato as possible. 
  • Met Drew for dinner at PJ Clarkes. I love PJ Clarkes' Mac and Cheese. We hadn't talked for a while and it's been a crazy couple months for both of us so it was great to see him and catch up.
  • Went to Oscar's goodbye dance party! I wasn't quite in the dancing mood but it was fun to see him before he goes. The first of the mass exodus from NYC.
  • Vampire Diary time with Karen!!! Please tell me someone else out there is watching Vamp Diaries and loving it as much as I am?! Every episode I just die over how good the show is. And there are not going to be any new episodes for a month! Gah!

  • Sunday morning lounge time. I just LOVE my bed!
  • Churchy church-great meetings today. The temple president and his wife spoke. They gave incredible talks!
  • "Sharon time"-For Sharon's birthday we did a dinner and "sharon" time where everyone shared something with Sharon. It was quite the variety show with musical acts, light saber battles, youtube videos, treats, poems, etc etc. It was a fun Sunday night with some of my favorites here!
It was a great weekend! Why does Monday always come around so soon?!