24 June 2013

Weekend Update: 6.23.2013

It's been ages since I've done one of these. Let's be real-it's been ages since I've blogged in general. Is anyone still even reading this thing?!

Every year I want to go to the Strawberry Days rodeo and every year I hear about it after it's already ended. This year I actually made it!! Hooray!!! It was a good time although next rodeo I go to, I'll have to work a little bit harder at my outfit. Apparently cardigans at the rodeo are a no-no. I need to purchase some plaid flannel, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat.

Saturday was a busy day!!!! I started off the day with my first "long" run for my NYC marathon training. I think the last time I ran was when I ran the NYC Half Marathon (without training for it, may I remind you). It was a little bit rough, and it was only 2 miles. 2 miles!!! As my dad so kindly pointed out, I'd still have to run 24.2 miles after that. Ha. Nonetheless, after it was done, I felt good and I'm excited to get back into running shape!

After my run, me and my dad went to the farmer's market downtown. I LOVE the farmer's market! I think it's so much fun!! We found a new friend while we were there. That owl was ENORMOUS and rather scary...I'm not sure who's more terrified-me or the owl...

After the market, I went to the pool at Karen's apartment complex. We decided that it needs to be a pool summer. So excited about this!! Then I ran a bunch of random errands and rested for a minute at home. Saturday night I went to Eric and Natalie's wedding!!!!! So fun to see them and to celebrate with them!!! And it was great to see some of my NYC people there too!

After the wedding I stayed up far too late hanging out and watching Pitch Perfect. Saturdays are just not long enough!!

Sunday I woke up with a terrible migraine and spent the entire morning in bed. Boo. I did manage to make it to church though. After church I made some delicious enchiladas for dinner. I made up the recipe so I'm glad they turned out!! Then I spent the rest of the evening hanging out, catching up on my DVR and trying to recover from my headache. Not an ideal way to end the weekend but I suppose it forced me to rest-apparently I'm not great at that...oooops.

Up ahead for this week: Stake YSA BBQ, Lagoon Day!, yoga, a new hairdo, and a nice low-key somewhat-empty weekend!!


Lisa said...

I'm still reading. :)