07 May 2013

2013 Goals: March check-in

Yes. I realize it's already May. I'm a terrible blogger. Sorry. Or something. But on to the goals check-in!!

  • Goal 3: I only sent 4 pieces of mail!! Not the greatest but better than zero. I have a long list of letters to send, I just need to make the time to sit down and write them!
  • Goal 4: I didn’t make it to a single class. This goal may need to be re-evaluated…
  • Goal 6: I ran the NYC Half Marathon on March 17th!!! It was ROUGH. Note to self: never, ever run a half marathon again without doing some kind of training. I think the most I “ran” before the race was 4 miles. It’s a BIG jump from 4 miles to 13.1 miles. By some sort of miracle, I finished the race. The first 8 miles actually were not terrible but the last 5.1 were rough. It was freezing. The water in the water cups had frozen by the time the runners got to them. We were running a straight shot for pretty much 5 miles. And my ipod decided it was too cold and turned off at mile 11. Ouch. I am pretty proud of myself for starting the race, and finishing it. I was incredibly tempted to sleep in and go to brunch instead. I’m glad I ran it but I have learned my lesson and am going to train for races from now on.
  • Goal 7: I found a tri to do!!! It’s just a baby one, and it’s a reverse tri. Part of me is scared that I’ll jump in the pool and drown. But it should be fun!! It’s not until labor day so I have plenty of time to brush up on my swimming and learn how to ride my road bike.
  • Goal 8: I finished reading the Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio. It was our book club book for the month. I didn’t love it-most people in the book club did.
  • Goal 9: I have booked a vacation!!! I’M GOING TO PORTUGAL!!!!!! So so excited about this-I’m not sure what there is in Portugal but it should be fab!
  • Goal 11: Caroline and I are still on schedule with the quilts. It’s turning out to bit a bit more involved than we thought so the plan has changed a little bit but we’re still on track to finish by the end of the year! We got together and just pinned the strips together and chatted. Next month is going to be a big one-we start sewing!!!
  • Goal 12: I only managed to play tennis twice this month. I was on track to get lots of playing in but then injured myself running and have taken almost a month off. Hopefully April will be better!


Tracy said...

That is fun that you signed up for a mini tri. The one I did was reversed as well. I didn't train for it and did fine... so I KNOW you will be fine too. :) PS excited for tonight!

Lisa Michelle said...

So somehow your blog never made it back on my blog list after I deleted all of my blogs, so I'm so happy you commented on my blog because I re-added your blog. So impressed with all you have accomplished! Can't tell you how amazed I am by anyone who can run more than three consecutive miles, let alone a half marathon, so hats off to you. What fun goals! And portugal--heck yes! Can't wait to hear about that.