28 June 2013

2013 Goals: April check-in

It’s time for the April goals check-in!!
  • Goal 1: I have started going to yoga. I think it will help me along in my goal to be able to do the splits!
  • Goal 2: I am slowly but surely making progress on my goal to read L’Alchemista
  • Goal 3, 4, and 5: I didn’t manage to send a single piece of mail, attend a single spin class, or make it to the temple. How did April pass by so fast?!
  • Goal 6: Registration opened and I’m officially registered for the NYC marathon. Again. Let’s all start praying now for good weather on race day shall we? I have decided that I’m going to get a running coach to help me train and keep me motivated!!
  • Goal 8: In preparation for the movie, our book club read the Great Gatsby this past month. It was a great, quick easy read. I’m glad we read it because even though I read it in high school, I had forgotten pretty much everything that happened. I cannot wait for the movie!!! 
  • Goal 9: Tickets are booked for Portugal!! In just about a month I will be on my way!! I suppose we should start making some other arrangements, like hotels…. 
  • Goal 11: This month was one of the first sewing months for the quilts. I was rather nervous but once I got going, it actually went pretty quick. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! 
  • Goal 12: Once again, I only managed to play tennis twice this month. I took most of April off to let my foot rest and I think it was worth it. So far (knock on wood) it hasn’t been hurting at all! 
  • Goal 13: I definitely was better at writing in my journal this month but still have a lot of room for improvement! 
  • Goal 14: The cooking just didn’t happen this month. There was too much other stuff going on. Hopefully I can do more in May!