18 October 2009

a sunday miracle

remember when everyone had games on their calculators? it was super high tech to have tetris or poker or that drug mafia game on your TI-83. and when you were playing in class, it just looked like you were doing a complicated math problem and not playing a game. well, remember the game frogger? you had a little frog and you had to get him through several lanes of cars and trucks, safely to the other side. it was a classic.

today i played my own game of human frogger. and it was definitely unintentional. i was late late late to church. the local trains weren't running downtown (which i discovered after i was already down in the subway) and there were no cabs to be found so i schlepped it down to 65th for church. i was so close-i just had to cross columbus and i was safe! and not super late. so the light for the traffic was red. i didn't know how long it had been red for so i figured i had enough time to cross the 5 lanes of traffic and get to church on time. i leapt over a puddle and started my trek across the street. the light changed to green as soon as i had crossed one lane (ie i still had 4 lanes of NY traffic to cross).

you would think that the nice taxi drivers would stop and let me scamper across the street safely. not a chance. they all start driving and i'm standing in a sea of cars, trying to make it across the street in one piece. luckily, a few cars had pity on me and let me stop to cross the street. and luckily, i made it across still intact and made it to church mostly on time!

moral of the story: maybe it's a good idea to watch the lights a little closer to avoid any further human frogger experiences...