26 October 2009

sometimes i make bad decisions

like the time i decided to sign up for all 4 CPA exams at once. and the time i decided not to study so much over the summer. and the time i should've been studying when work was INCREDIBLY slow but didn't.

yep. sometimes i make bad decisions. and now i'm paying for them. i take FAR in two weeks and still have 5 lessons, all the homework, and all the simulations to do. boo and boo. oh wait. and then a mere 2.5 weeks later i take BEC.

if you don't see me for a few weeks, you'll know why. and if you do see me, please make me go study...


T-Ray said...

I'm sorry. You are amazing though... you can do it!

Candace said...

ugh! that sounds so terrible. if it's any consolation, i think each of the tests i've taken have been on a whim and completely at the last minute. not the best way to do it. good luck!