09 October 2009

The City

so before i moved out here, chelsea and i would joke about having "the city" moments in NY. you know what i mean-those cheesy, totally scripted conversations at some cute restaurant in soho or the meatpacking district. of course we would wear shoes we could barely walk in, and talk with absolutely no emotion. it would be wonderful and hilarious.

tonight i was in soho for dinner with some friends and who did i see, sitting on the curb chatting on her phone?

no one that i was with watched the show. or knew who she was. but it was totally her. and yes, she is just as scary is she seems on the show. and she's kind of dirty and gross. strange that she's a fashion designer... i wanted meet her but was a lot bit terrified of her. ha ha ha. i was still excited about it-my first NY "celeb" sightseeing experience (if you can consider her a celeb). hopefully there will be many more to follow!