30 September 2013

Weekend Update: 9.22.2013

(This was written last week, I just never got around to posting it. Oops!)

This weekend was a good, busy weekend. Lots of fun things happening!

Friday evening I did the electric run!! It was a super fun 5k at down at Thanksgiving Point. They do it at night and everyone wears glow sticks, neon, and fun glow in the dark things. We had a team called Girls on Fire so Jane, Marissa, and I made shirts that each had a word on them. We’re so crafty!

Getting ready for the race!

I have been strangely ill and haven’t run in ages upon ages. Jane and Marissa were nice enough to walk the 5k with me instead of running. The whole race was pretty great. They had lots of fun lighted things and glow in the dark things. It was a very low key race with runners and walkers and people just having fun.

By far though, the best part was running into the folks from ABC’s The Bachelor!!!!!! Earlier that day, I had found out that Juan Pablo would be filming one of his dates at the race so we were on the lookout for them the entire time.  Luckily enough, we actually found them!!! We were just walking along and saw a couple golf carts with people with cameras. We asked them if they were from ABC but they wouldn’t say anything. Then we looked ahead and saw a big crowd of people with a camera aimed at them. The only time we ran during the whole race was to catch up with JP. We stuck with them for a little bit and at one point Juan Pablo may or may not have actually stepped on me. I’m totally going to be on TV. Get excited!

Juan Pablo!!!!!!!

After we got our fill of JP, we carried on a finished the race. At the end they had a stage and a DJ, people were dancing and such. We stuck around for a little bit, got our rave on, took some photos, then headed home. It was such a fun race and if I hadn’t have been sick it would’ve been fun to stay around and hang out. Definitely going to do it again next year!

Saturday morning I had a Junior League field trip! Have I mentioned that I’m joining the Junior League?! I’m quite excited about it-I’ve been wanting to join for years but when I was living in NYC I didn’t have the time. Now I have all kinds of time so Junior League here I come! Saturday morning we met and went on a tour of past Junior League projects. It was really cool to see what they have been involved in in the past and what am impact they’ve made.

Saturday night Jane and I hosted our own Diner en Blanc. Diner en Blanc is this fabulous event hosted in cities around the world. I have never been to an official Diner en Blanc but last year some people held one in SLC. When we found out they weren’t having one this year, we decided to have our own mini dinner party version. It was a lot of fun. We had great company and delicious food, and the weather was perfect for sitting out on the porch!
Our lovely table before the guests arrived!
Diner en Blanc attendees
Sunday was a normal Sunday. Sleeping in. Church. Made delicious spicy tostadas for dinner. Home teachers. Baking.

Up Ahead
This week should be a good one-and for once it’s actually not crazy busy! Some hot yoga, quilting time with Caroline, and Lara’s in town!


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

So funny that you saw The Bachelor! And I'm too lazy to do a separate comment, but I had my first pro table massage and has the exact same thought--how can I make tons of money and make this woman my personal masseuse?!