01 March 2013

Weekend Update: 2.24.2013

Yes, I realize that it's Friday. Oh well. Last weekend was an incredibly low key weekend. Also, I need to get better at taking pictures....

Friday after work I went to my most favorite Zumba class of all time! Usually by Friday I’m so tired and exhausted that the thought of going to work out doesn’t cross my mind. BUT my favorite teacher was teaching and her class is always a blast so I made myself go. Oh. And there’s that half marathon thing that I’m running in less than 3 weeks that I should probably be in some sort of shape for. I am glad that I went-it was a great class!! My teacher is 4 months pregnant and still has the energy to go full out for an entire hour!! I am amazed.

After Zumba I was starving so my mom and I went to this new wings place. It’s such a strange place. It’s like a non-bar, bar. The wings were delish and the people watching was really great too. Then we came home and watched our favorite show-Dance Moms!! We only had one episode and when we finished that it was still pretty early so I convinced my mom to give Kourtney and Kim take Miami a try. I have to admit, I kind of love the Kardashians. They’re so nuts that it makes for great entertainment! I think my mother was thoroughly entertained as well.

Maybe I didn’t leave my house once on Saturday. Oooops.  It snowed most of the day. Ugh. I am so over snow and winter and cold! Where are you spring?!?!

I ran on the treadmill in the basement while catching up on my DVR, had breakfast, took a shower, took a nap! It was a lovely, lazy Saturday. Then I embarked on making Gourmet recipe #2 of 50-Tapioca pudding!! I had never made it before from scratch but it turned out delish!!

Saturday night Megan came over and I helped her work on a budget for the year. I kind of love spreadsheeting and planning out things so it was a good time. And of course it’s always fun to see Megan!

It was another pretty normal Sunday. Lounged around in the morning. Church in the afternoon. I met up with Karen to chat before church and we may have chatted all the way through Relief Society. Yikes! We had a mingle after Sacrament meeting which is always fun.

Sunday night we had family dinner and watched the Oscars! Can I just say that I’m completely in love with Jennifer Lawrence’s dress?! I want it. I want it. I want it!!! Also, I loved the Les Mis part of the musicals tribute!! I found a clip of it online and have been watching it non-stop!!


alli said...

Thanks for posting the clip! I heard about it but we were at our friends' home for dinner and missed it all...