03 February 2013

Goals for the New Year!

Yes. I realize that it's already February, but better late than never right?! This year, I have made a list of 14 things I want to accomplish:

  1. Be able to do the splits on both sides (inspired by watching Dance Moms...)
  2. Read The Alchemist in Italian
  3. Send 100 pieces of mail
  4. Become a certified spin teacher
  5. Attend the temple at least 12 times
  6. Run the NYC marathon
  7. Complete a triathlon (most likely a sprint triathlon)
  8. Read 12 books and the Book of Mormon
  9. Go on an exotic vacation
  10. Improve my financial situation
  11. Make a chevron quilt
  12. Win a match in a tennis tournament
  13. Keep a gratitude journal
  14. Cook 50 new recipes from the Gourmet magazine cookbook
Some of these might be a little bit ambitious (sew an entire quilt?!) but that's what makes it fun right?! Stay tuned for monthly updates and photos!


T-Ray said...

Love the list. I could help you with the exotic vacation if you want.

Caroline said...

Sew an entire quilt?! Easy! (especially with motivational help from yours truly). :)

Lara said...

You should do the Salem tri, it's a nice short one! I think Scott is doing it. I like all your goals! I have to work on my ambition.

alli said...

This is amazing! I'm excited to hear about your success in 11 mos. I had to look up 'chevron quilt.' Looks so hard! And Lara is right about the Salem tri. It is maybe a favorite for me. The open swim isn't too daunting as it's a small lake. The open swim is the scary part for a lot of people.

jan said...

50 recipes, whoa. I'm relatively sure I don't use 50 new recipes in 5 years. Good luck to you w/ your resolutions! Can't wait to hear how they go!

Jane said...

I'm impressed! You had this in before the Chinese New Year...you're way ahead of schedule :) And I might just join you on becoming a spin instructor!