01 August 2010

Return to blogging...

whoa. how on earth is it august already?!? where has the summer gone?? obviously, i have been the worst at blogging. but i have decided to return to blogging! remember last august when i did a photo a day for most of the month? well, i have decided to do that again this month to jump start the blogging and to force me to take more photos. not only have i fallen off the blogging bandwagon, i have also fallen off the photo taking bandwagon. so here it goes! happy august 1st!


alli said...

Yay! back to blogging!

By the way--looking over your book list...I finished Monte Cristo yesterday (I recommend the unabridged version...about 1500 pages--but it goes FAST). The Glass Castle is pretty funky--it is good. I am glad you loved Marble Sky! I loved The Alchemist too---we'll keep sending recommendations. I am starting Treasure Island next?