02 August 2010

August 2-My front porch

obviously i need to work on my photo taking skills. and on remembering to take a photo during the day. when i was walking home tonight i realized i didn't take a picture of anything! so you get a glimpse of my porch. i kind of love my building. it is just steps away from riverside park. if i lean my head out of my window i can see the hudson and new jersey across the way!


T-Ray said...

Its nice to see where you live. I picture your NY living a little better now.

Our Family said...

So Cool! It looks so adventurous & fun living there. Glad to see your back to blogging ... dont feel bad I'm terrible at blogging too, if I didn't have my parents texting me demands I'd be even worse. Love the pics :) Take Care!

Kevin and Kerry said...

Erin...I love the house! It is so cute!! Looks like you are having a great time and keeping busy! I love being able to catch up with you on your blog!!