30 November 2009

The Garden State

so starting next week I will be working on a client out in New Jersey. now this is not New Jersey across the river New Jersey. this is big time, real New Jersey. like take the NJ transit more than an hour into NJ. honestly-i haven't heard wonderful things about NJ. most people say it and wrinkle their nose. since that is going to be my work home for about 3 months i decided to do a little NJ research via wikipedia...
A few fun facts about NJ:
  • It's the most densely populated state in the US
  • Jersey oak has been used extensively in ship building
  • The median household income is the highest in the US but Newark is the 4th poorest city
  • The drive-in movie, the ice cream cone, and the zipper all originated in NJ
  • There are more diners in NJ than anywhere else in the world
  • NJ state slogan: "come see for yourself"....why I think I will...thank you very much

I will be commuting approximately 2.5 hours each day, by train, to reach Piscataway New Jersey and I'm in search of some good train reading. now that I'm done with the CPA I can read an actual book without feeling guilty that I'm not studying Becker (and hopefully after scores are released I can keep that up and not have to study again...). any train reading suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


T-Ray said...

New adventure! Fun! Never been to NJ

Joanne Hallare said...

The Runner's Guide to Life