04 November 2009

A change in career?

today i was a teacher. don't worry-i'm def not planning any career changes anytime soon. work has been pretty slow so caroline and i decided to volunteer to teach a junior achievement course at a public high school here in the city. today was our first class.

we're teaching at an "inner city" school (at least i think it's inner city...definitely more inner city than Skyline...) and i had visions of the type of inner city schools you see on tv-complete with gangs, drugs, and unruly scary teenagers. when we first got there we ended up trying to go through the student only entrance. it was complete with id card scanners, metal detectors, those people scanning rod things (have no idea what they're called) and x-ray machines to put your belongings through. it looked a lot like going through airport security. when we finally got to the correct entrance we had to go through the same process and check in. it was definitely different from my high school...

i have never taught anything. ever. not in church. not at school. so i was worried. luckily it turned out i was worrying about nothing (as is usually the case). today's lesson was on budgeting. junior achievement has a great lesson manual and actually has pretty much everything you need to talk about written out word for word. after going through the beginning part of the lesson, we decided it would be more fun to just go to the game part of the lesson. surprisingly the kids actually got into the game and really played it! i think the kids enjoyed a break from the normal school day and we had fun teaching!

can't wait to go back for round 2 in a couple of weeks!


Lauren Kay said...

That's great! I would love to do something like that! Although, maybe not finance... It's not exactly my strong point ;)

T-Ray said...

I bet you were a great teacher