25 September 2008

The promised pictures

Alright...I really struggle with this picture posting business.  They go from most recent to least recent...enjoy!

Me, Laura, and Camilla-eating some fabulous funnel cake and fried snickers! Yum!

I am a hard core football fan now! Between the 3 home games so far this season, I've seen at 3 three quarters...ha ha ha

This is me and Laura by our front door on the first day of school!! My last first day of school picture!

Us at the temple for Allison's wedding! She was such a beautiful bride!

Kiersten, Allison, and me at Allison's wedding dinner!! It's been over 2 years since we've all been together!

My favorite part of our trip was the whale watching trip we went on in Cape Cod.  It was so amazing to be able to see those beautiful animals!

On our New England road trip we took a trip to Martha's Vineyard and rented bikes!! I fell in love with the house behind me!! I decided that I could totally be an east coast girl!

I got to play tour guide and show some friends around the fabulous city!! This is us on our circle line boat tour around the island.

A bunch of us girls at dinner at this fantastic Mexican restaurant, Iguana, in Midtown.  These girls were crazy but so fun!!

This is me with two of the other interns, Jordana and Bobby.  We all sat together in a little conference room and had way too much fun!


Allison said...

I love those photos! Thanks for being the best wedding supporter in the world. It was so special to have you there. Oh, and I'll help you be that hard-core football fan anytime. UNLV next week at 12! Want a ride again?