14 September 2008

Ending a month of silence

I decided that it was about time to end my "month of silence." It wasn't an intentional silence...I am just a slacker and haven't posted for a while.  So what have I done in this past month you ask?
  • I finished my internship with Deloitte in NYC.  I had a fantastic time and was so sad to leave!! The good news: I got an offer and will be returning in either June or August (keeping my fingers crossed for August) of 2009!!
  • I traveled the east coast! I spent a week and a half on a great east coast road trip with some friends.  We went to Rhode Island, Cape Cod, Boston and Maine!! I had no idea the east coast was so green and beautiful.  I think the trip confirmed that I am an east coast girl!!
  • I went to the wedding of my dear, dear friend Allison.  We have been best friends since we were 10 years old and she's like a sister to me!! It was so great to share her special day with her and to see her to happy and in love!!
  • I spent some quality relaxation time at home.  I got a manicure and pedicure, caught up on all my fave TV shows, and reconnected with my domestic diva.  Thankfully after not cooking most of the summer, I still remember how to do it! I made an amazing lemon merangue pie and also tried a new recipe: mango sticky rice!
  • I returned to Provo for my last year at BYU!! My last first day of school...
  • I have become a hard-core BYU football fan. Ok. No not really. But I did decide that since it's my last year here, maybe I should try to have some school spirit and actually go to the football games.  I'm making good progress...I saw at least 30 min of the first game and stayed for 2 quarters of this weekend's game!! Perhaps by the end of the season I'll have actually seen an entire game...but then again, probably not. 
  • I went to the Utah State Fair.  Quite the experience...large farm animals, more fried food than you can imagine, and great people watching...what more could you ask for?
It's been a great month that has brought a LOT of changes!! Now it's back to the daily grind of life as a student...8 months and counting.

ps-I tried to upload pictures but it wasn't working....I'll try again tomorrow...


Jessica and Reecey said...

Congrats on your job offer! I am so excited for you! But enjoy that last year of school... you will miss it when it's over :)

Lara P said...

I need more pictures. And I forgot you decided to move to SLC remember!