02 July 2014

30 by 30: Q2 check-in

We are down to only 6 months until I turn 30. Where has the year gone!! It’s time for a quarterly 30 by 30 check in! I’ve made some good progress the last 6 months and have accomplished some goals on the list!
  • Thing 2: I have changed Hike Havasupai to Hike Mt Olympus. I need to figure out the details on this and plan a time to go do it!
  • Thing 4: I am up to 43 pieces of mail! Almost to the half way point! Anyone out there want to be snail mail pen pals?!
  • Thing 7: I have accomplished this goal and have been to 35 new restaurants! This was a fun goal and made me look for new and different places to go rather than going to the same old places all the time.
  • Thing 12: I crossed off one more movie on the list-we watched Charade, which was a fun movie! I’m hoping some of the outdoor movies this summer will be movies on my list to watch.
  • Thing 14: I visited Seattle!!! Sister and I went and we had a blast. Seattle is such a fun, manageable city. I cannot wait to return!
  • Thing 17: I’m up to 4 books-since last time I finished Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and The Fault in Our Stars. Couldn’t put that one down-such a good, quick, easy read!
  • Thing 18: Plans are in the very early stages for an international trip this fall. I’m excited about it!
  • Thing 19: Megan and I hosted a favorite things party!! It was SO much fun. We had a great group of girls that came and everyone brought really fun ‘favorite things’. I think we’re going to make this a bi-annual tradition!
  • Thing 30: I’m up to 37 new recipes. This is such a fun one-I love recipes and cookbooks and am having fun finding new-to-me recipes to try!
Plans are already in the works to cross off another handful of goals. It’s been a lot of fun!!