29 January 2013

Highlights of 2012...part 2

Joined the bookclub
My friend Megan invited me to join a book club that she’s in. Let it be known I’m a terrible book club member. Honestly, I rarely finish the book. Then when I actually do finish the book, I bring the wrong one to the meeting. Yikes. But it’s been fun being in this book club and being exposed to different types of books than what I’d usually read. The goal for 2013 is to actually finish the books that we read! So far so good-I finished both the January book and the February book!!

Summer races
This year wasn’t quite the running year that I had planned on but I did manage to run a few races over the summer. I did the Race through the Lavender 5k down in Nephi. It was lovely but made me remember how much I hate 5ks. Then I did the Deseret News 10k. That’s one of my favorite Utah races. Even though I was super slow, it was a fun race!

Symphony and Deer Valley Music festival
I was able to see the Utah Symphony perform at Thanksgiving Point for the 4th of July. I was also able to see them perform the 1812 Overture at the Deer Valley Music Festival. Outdoor concerts and picnic dinners are so great!

Dinner in White
My friend Trina sent along the info for the first ever Salt Lake City Dinner in White!! It is an event based off of the famous Diner en Blanc. We prepared a delicious picnic dinner and got all decked out in our white wear. It was a really fun event and I can’t wait to attend again this year!

RS Choir for Broadcast
This year, our relief society was invited to be a part of the choir for the General Relief Society broadcast. Even though I’m not a great singer, I like to sing in choir so I signed up. Despite the long practices every Sunday night and the hideous outfits (we looked like poorly dressed sister missionaries), it was a really great experience and I’m glad I took advantage of it!

Trip to Rexburg
My dear friends Jen and Russ moved from NYC to Rexburg Idaho at the end of the summer. One weekend, I made the trip up north to visit them!! It was so great to hang out with them!! We went to a fab taco bus, crafted, cooked, chatted, and just had fun together. Jen and I also continued our yearly tradition of making a Christmas advent calendar together. I continued my tradition of not finishing mine…


HRH said...

I like how many of these things I was present for. I like being your friend.