04 December 2012

HBBC Challenge: Week 2

The HBBC continues! This week we did a challenge at work to do some sort of exercise 45 min a day. I missed a couple days but overall did pretty decent. Here is my points breakout for week 2:

Tuesday: 15 min walking/bike, 30 min with personal trainer-3 pts
Wednesday: 2.5 mile walk-2.5 points
Thursday: 90 minutes of tennis-7.5 points
Friday: lots of walking at Festival of Trees
Saturday: 60 min spin class-6 pts

Total workout points: 19 (10 more than last week!)
Facebook bonus points: 6

Let's hope I can keep it up this week!


T-Ray said...

I'm about to start Insanity... so you are a good example for me. You go girl.

Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

That's awesome Erin! Good for you :)

Hmmm I may have to do a little something when I get home now! LOL. I'm terrible about it.

[Just stopping by while I worked on Christmas Cards for the Turning the Pages group :) Wanted to see what everyone was up to real quick. I'll be back later on to poke around more!]