04 August 2011

My new bike!!

I love love love spin class so for a while I have been wanting a road bike. Well, I finally got with it and decided to get one. I got it right around the height of my marathon training so I've only ridden it a couple of times. Real road biking is sure different from spinning-from the clipping in and out, to the gears, to having to maneuver around other bikers, people, dogs, streetlights, etc. I'm so excited to get into real riding and to be a real biker!!

My inagural bike ride. Please notice my awesome biking outfit and also that it matches my bike. Ha ha ha. We rode down from my house to battery park and then over to Shake Shack for a celebratory dinner.

The view of the sunset over Jersey City from Battery Park

Me, Anita, Preston, and Eric-posing with our bikes near battery park.

This is a scary picture of me. Eeek! Andrea and I went for a morning ride in the park and I used my clip in shoes for the first time. After I finally got clipped in, I couldn't clip out! I definitely tipped over on my bike, feet still attached to the pedals, in front of a big group of tourists. Totally scraped up my elbow, my knee, and bruised my palm (who even knew that was possible?!?). I felt like a 5 year old-who falls off of their bike when they are in their 20s?!? At least everyone in the park got some entertainment that day...

Me, Eric, Anita, James and Elise at the entrace to the park after a Saturday morning bike ride. This was my first time on my bike since falling off a few weeks before. I will admit that I was nervous about using those silly shoes again. Thankfully one fall was all it took and I'm happy to report that I rode the entire park (terrifying hills and all) AND I didn't fall off at the end. Ha ha ha! I'm excited for cooler weather and longer rides!!


alli said...

No more wrecks! By the way--I love the white bar tape

Candace said...

It's like you're reading my mind! I totally want a road bike so bad. I would love to start training for a triathlon. We will see.

Have fun with that beauty!