14 November 2010

All Cats Go to Heaven

We got Rosy when I was six years old. She was our second cat and we loved her so.

I remember picking her out-she was so tiny! She was such a good kitty-she let me dress her up in my doll clothes and push her around in my doll stroller (unfortunately I don't have these photos on this computer). She loved chasing birds around our yard and once in a while would bring us one, so proud of her catch. She got along really well with Goldie the goldfish-loved to stick her paws in his bowl. Other pets came and went, but Rosy still stuck around. My dad was convinced she'd outlive us all. He pretended to hate her but we know he loved her just as much as the rest of us.

After a good 19 years, Rosy finally decided it was time to go. It is going to be so strange to go home for Christmas and not have Rosy around-napping on her mat and meowing away.

Rest in Peace Rosy!! We will miss you!!


Lisa Michelle said...

What a beautiful kitty. So sorry she had to go. Losing a family pet you've had that long is so painful. My heart goes out to you!

Melissa Rose said...

I hope you are doing ok! My kitty that I got when I was in kindergarten passed away last summer :-(

alli said...

I remember randomly finding Rosy in closets when we'd play (she like your parents' closets (?))...and feeding her while you were on vacation. She was always so peaceful. Never a trouble-maker like little Oliver (or big Oliver). I don't love cats...but Rosie was different. I liked her.

Elizabeth said...

Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that news! (I can't believe she lived that long!)