30 July 2009

rice-a four letter word

i love to cook. and i like to think that i am a pretty good one. give me any recipe and usually it turns out good! give me a set of ingredients and i can turn them into something wonderful without a recipe. i make killer spaghetti. i have perfected my cheesecake recipe. what i'm trying to say is that i'm not cooking challenged.

UNLESS 'rice' is in the title.

i make great desserts, but my RICE crispy treats never, ever turn out right. growing up, we have a rice maker. you just put all the ingredients in the pot, press the on button, and a little while later you have perfect rice. when i moved out of the dorms and into an apartment with a kitchen, lara has used her dining plus to purchase a rice cooker, so we used that.

the first time i had to make rice in a pot was a couple weeks ago. it was an utter disaster. i burned the rice to a crisp. burnt black. i was not deterred. i threw it out and tried again (after looking up how to make rice online) and it actually turned out right. i tried to make rice today again. while it wasn't the disaster from last time, it wasn't super good either. boo.

apparently RICE is my four letter word when it comes to cooking. first kitchen thing i'm buying when i move is a rice cooker...


T-Ray said...

Try cooking rice in the microwave. It sounds weird. But it has worked for me.