13 July 2008


Tomorrow should be an interesting day. I have been assigned to a new client at work! Hooray for hopefully actually doing some work, rather than sitting around all day!! But that's not the interesting part. The client I have been assigned to is located in Middlebury, CT. I am in New York City and lucky me-I get to drive to Connecticut tomorrow!!! Middlebury is in the middle of nowhere Connecticut. According to Google maps it's only 90 miles away, but it can take up to 2.5 hours to get there, depending on traffic. It has been about two months since I have driven. But that's driving in Utah. I have never driven in any big city before...and lets be honest, I really am not the best driver out there. This being said...getting to work tomorrow should be interesting...wish me luck!


Lisa Michelle said...

Umm...LOVING your blog!! How did it go, driving to Connecticut?!

Ashley said...

Erin! I never knew you had a blog! Its so fun to read. Anyways, I decided that mormons in NY are destined to have clients outside of the city. I work in NJ, you worked in CT, and there is a new guy in our ward who works for PwC and is out in CT. Someone needs to send our bosses a memo that we should all be working int he city. Hope you're having fun in Utah!