15 June 2008

Happy Friday the 13th

My Friday started out with me getting lost on the subway trying to find the bank. Normally I have a very good sense of direction. I never get lost at home (like seriously never). I cannot find anything in this city without a map and explicit directions on how to get there. And every corner, every street looks exactly the same-large office buildings with a Duane Reede somewhere nearby. So I hopstopped the bank and got directions on how to get there. I figured if I was the first one in the door at nine I could still make it to work and not be super late. I went to the station to find the right train. Turns out hopstop is wrong and the train I need doesn't come to that station. I look at the map and find another train that is going to the same place and hop on that train.

Lucky me-the train I get on is an express train and I need the local stop. Unfortunately, I realize this as we are speeding past the station I needed to get off at! I get off at the next stop and by this time, there is no way I can get to the bank and get to work ontime-so I just gave up on the bank. I look at a map and find a train that goes somewhat close to where I work so I go to wait for the B train. Several D trains pass by and 20 minutes later the B train is nowhere to be seen. I was hating the dumb subways by then and missing the days when I could get in my car and drive myself to work in 10 minutes. I finally decided to take a different train (which actually had a stop closer to where I work) and of course as soon as I decide to take that one, like 3 B trains come by. Finally, after I had been waiting for a total of about 30 minutes, the train I needed came and I managed to make it to work...

I had grand plans for Friday night. It was my cousin Leon's birthday and my aunt was doing a dinner for him with all of our family that I still haven't seen since I've been here. I was excited to see the fam and just relax for a bit. Around 2 pm our manager comes in with an enormous project that has to be done by tonight, and oh yeah, we have to go downtown to the office down there to finish it. I figured we'd finish by 7ish and I would still be able to make it out to Queens for the dinner. Oh wait. No. I was at work-babysitting the copy machine-until 10:30! By the time I got home I was so exhausted that I didn't want to do anything. So I called it a night and went to bed. Happy Friday the 13th.

On a good note, Friday was payday!!! Hooray for a well-paying internship, even if they are paying me to babysit the copier.


Jessica and Reecey said...

Oh how I love Duane Reade...have you procured one of the savings cards? I still carry mine in my wallet :)